Our Instructors

Meet chief instructor Lou.

Lou has been participating in shooting sports since early childhood. Just as many youths before him, he started with a standard break-barrel .177 caliber pellet gun and stayed with it for several years. He transitioned to rimfires (.22 LR) and soon found himself graduating to centerfire calibers. He shot 9mm handguns for years, mostly in competitions, and eventually grew his repertoire with multiple other pistol calibers including .45 ACP, .38 Special or .44 Magnum.
Lou has not abandoned the rifle disciplines. He still shoots long guns, loads his own ammunition and occasionally competes in benchrest rifle.

Lou is passionate about shooting sports but also loves coaching and teaching. And combining those feels very natural. After years of his friends putting pressure on him to become an actual instructor, Lou decided it was time to admit that they are right and one summer, he obtained his first pistol instructor certifcation. From there, the list of certifications grew and it keeps on expanding. As the popular saying goes: "a good instructor never stops learning".

Lou loves not only introducing complete novices to shooting sports but also helping people train for defensive encounters to protect themselves and/or their family and loved ones.
In his spare time, he enjoys motorcycles, car racing and volunteering to fly rescue dogs across Texas and the whole US.

Lou's favorite relevant quote comes from one of his competition trophies:
      "Train often, train hard, train like your life depends on it. Because it does."

Certifications, training and qualifications:
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • NRA MQP Defensive Pistol I & II (DE)
  • T-N-T Defensive Pistol I & II
  • T-N-T Barricades and Odd Angles I & II
  • Police Academy Force-on-Force training
  • First Aid + Stop-The-Bleed
  • Texas Licence To Carry (LTC) Instructor
  • Commissioned Security Enforcement Officer (SEO)
  • Level II Private Security
  • Level III Private Security
  • Pepper Spray and Chemical Agents

(Bio for other instructors will be added in near future.)