Texas LTC

Obtaining a Texas Licence To Carry (LTC) consists of two basic steps:
  1. Class portion (online or in-person)
  2. Practical (shooting) qualification
We offer BOTH as a package deal at a fixed cost of $100. The price is the same, no matter whether you choose the online class or in-person class. If you have completed the online class and only need the practical portion, the cost is only $50.
Online Class
For those who prefer to learn online on a computer or mobile device, a convenient state-approved e-class is available. Please contact us to obtain an e-learning access code.
In-Person Class
Upon successful payment, you gain access to the online class and can start learning immediately.
In-person classes are also offered, however, there is a minimum student limit and classes need to be scheduled in advance. Please contact us to schedule an in-person class.

  Having a License To Carry has its advantages.

LTC holders:
  • can skip a background check when purchasing a firearm
  • can carry in 37 other states (always check local state laws before traveling armed)
  • can carry on campus
  • can carry in school zones
  • can carry in more places in general with fewer exclusions
  • are viewed by Law Enforcement as upstanding citizen
  • have been educated on laws pertaining to self-defense and carry limitations
  • can use the LTC as another form of government photo ID
The class portion will provide the student with the understanding of:
  • laws of self-defense
  • laws pertaining to stopping a deadly threat
  • laws governing use of force and deadly force
  • the importance of de-escalation
  • signage prohibiting entry with a handgun
  • places where carrying of handguns is prohibited by state
  • laws governing trespassing
  • proper firearm storage and carrying on person on about a person
The learning class usually takes 4-8 hours to complete, depending on the pace of the student(s).
  The practical shooting portion happens at a shooting range with a certified LTC instructor.
The state sets the requirements for the practical portion.
Students should bring:
  • eye and ear protection (although most ranges also provide those)
  • comfortable clothing for the choice of indoor/outdoor range
  • closed-toe shoes
  • clothing that covers the torso and protects it from flying hot brass
  • clean and lubricated pistol (unless renting from the range or instructor)
  • minimum 50 rounds (1 box) of ammunition (unless purchasing at the range)
  • proof of completing the class
  • proof of payment
  • safe attitude
The practical portion usually takes less than 2 hours.
Students who have never fired a pistol can still take the LTC class but should definitely first take a beginner lesson or two with our friendly instructor to ensure proper and safe handling of firearms during the practical portion.
Same offer stands for students who feel rusty, not proficient or even nervous, we again recommend a refresher lesson with our friendly instructor who provides multiple different levels of training.